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What types of fees will CI Direct Investing charge on my accounts?

CI Direct Investing charges a monthly management fee on the assets we manage for you. This fee includes our portfolio management, trading charges, rebalancing, and financial advice, among other things. You will see the management fee deducted directly from your accounts, and you can review the charges in your account's transaction history. 

We do not charge additional fees for transactions, such as withdrawals or portfolio switching. 

What about the cost of the portfolios?

Each investment funds in a portfolio have their own management cost, expressed as the Management Expense Ratio (MER). MERs are embedded in the funds' reported performance, so you will not directly see this charge be applied in your account's transaction history. 

You can get more information on our management fee, the MERs of our portfolios, and the services that are included on our pricing page.

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