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How to use Email Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication (MFA) enhances security and protects your Single Sign On profile from unauthorized access. You’ll receive a notification email any time MFA has been added or changed.

You’ll be prompted to enter an MFA code when:

  • Logging into the shared dashboard
  • Resetting password via the Forgot password? feature
  • Unlocking account after too many password attempts

We recommend SMS or Authenticator apps instead of email when possible to add an extra layer of complexity to your account security.

Enrolling during sign up

When prompted to setup multifactor authentication, go to Email Authentication and click Setup.


Click Send me the code to receive an email with a 6 digit verification code. Enter the code from the email and click Verify.

You’ll automatically return to the list of enrolled and available MFA methods, where you can optionally choose to setup additional MFA methods, or click Finish to continue.


Enrolling after sign up

From the Shared Dashboard, click SETTINGS in the upper right area.


In the Verification section,

You will be able to view, add, and remove all available methods of multifactor authentication.

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