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Changes to the Relationship Disclosure Information

As of December 31, 2021

How has the Relationship Disclosure Information changed?

We have enhanced our disclosure in order to provide you with greater transparency about our services, policies and material conflicts of interest. 

As these are the material changes that may impact how we work with you, please contact us if you have any questions.

We added information about:

  • our no fee high interest saving account
  • the liquidity of securities in our portfolios
  • the construction of our portfolios is not limited to proprietary products
  • the details we collect from you as part of the “Know Your Client” process
  • how we put your interests first in determining a suitable investment for you
  • encouraging you to provide us with a trusted contact person
  • our ability to place temporary holds on your accounts where we reasonably believe that you might have an illness, impairment, disability or aging-process limitation that places you at risk of financial exploitation, and we believe that you are, or may be exploited financially, or if we believe you do not have the mental capacity to make decisions involving financial matters
  • material conflicts of interest that we have identified and addressed in your best interest. Please read this section carefully as it has had the most substantial changes in the document.

We removed or changed some details:

  • removed the Fair Trade Allocation Policy since it is already available to you in your Managed Investment Account Agreement.
  • removed references to our insurance business
  • additional details on how the management expense ratio (MER) fees charged by third parties can impact your account
  • added to our Leverage Disclosure Statement that we do not adjust our recommendation based on your use of borrowed funds for the purpose of investing
  • moved our Personal Trading Policy, Outside Business Activities, Referral Arrangements, Soft Dollar Arrangements and Brokerage Arrangements to the Conflicts of Interest Disclosure.

Historical Changes

As of June 28, 2021

How has the Relationship Disclosure Information changed?

We reformatted the disclosure to make it easier to read and understand in order to provide you with greater transparency about our policies. We also added some new disclosures, and made a few changes to our policies.

These are the material changes that may impact how we work with you.

We added information about:

  • the financial planning services we provide you
  • our team approach to providing you with advice and service
  • how often we invest cash in your account
  • how we calculate and charge our management fees
  • the impact of fees on your return, specifically that “the management fee we charge reduces the return of your account over time”
  • added a link to a new page with our most recent fee schedule
  • management expense ratio (MER) fees charged by third parties
  • foreign exchange fees charged when we convert foreign currency in your account
  • monitoring our employees’ outside business activities to ensure they don’t “impair our ability to serve you and is consistent with our duty to deal fairly, honestly, and in good faith with you.”

We removed or changed some details:

  • changed “no-load mutual funds” to “commission-free mutual funds” for greater clarity
  • removed references to “cashflow” and “tax-efficient” from our investment strategy and replaced them with a more detailed explanation that we “offer a variety of portfolios tailored to your needs and preferences, including low-cost portfolios of ETFs, portfolios with access to private investments, socially responsible impact investing portfolios, and more.”
  • changed the “Clean Tech” optional add-on to “thematic investment exposure” to better reflect current and future add-ons that may be available
  • moved information about the Risks of Investing to their own page
  • updated our explanation of a conflict of interest as “any circumstance where the interests of a client and those of CI Direct Investing or individuals acting on our behalf are inconsistent or divergent.” 
  • updated our Conflict of Interest policy to clarify that “we take reasonable steps to identify and respond to material conflicts of interest and conflicts that are reasonably foreseeable.”
  • moved our Personal Trading Policy to its own section
  • updated the list of CI Direct Investing affiliates to “CI Global Asset Management, CI Private Counsel LP, Assante Financial Management Ltd., CI Direct Investing Inc., CI Investment Services Inc., Assante Connect Inc., One Capital Management LLC, Aligned Capital Partners Inc., Lawrence Park Asset Management Ltd. and Marret Asset Management Inc.”
  • moved some details about our privacy policy to a new Privacy Notice available at

As of August 5, 2020

How has the Relationship Disclosure document changed?

We’ve recently updated our Relationship Disclosure document to provide you with

greater transparency on our policies.

The following includes material changes and their implications to investors as a

result of this update:

  • Deposits to your CI Direct Investing account may be held for up to 30 days before they can be withdrawn in order to prevent fraud and identity theft. Since we are an investment management firm not meant for short term trading, our clients do not typically withdraw funds within this window.
  • WealthBar Financial Services Inc. now does business as CI Direct Investing ("CI Direct Investing").

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