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Safety Private Portfolio

As of Apr. 30, 2024

This portfolio seeks to provide a combination of income and moderate long-term growth by investing in actively managed funds with exposure to a mix of privately held and publicly traded global fixed income, equity securities, and real estate. The active strategy focuses on cash flow income derived from a mix of public, private, and alternative investments to improve risk-adjusted returns and reduce overall volatility.

The minimum initial investment amount for this portfolio is $1,000.

Asset Mix

25% Mortgages 
18% Government Bonds
13% Private Real Estate
8% Corporate Bonds
6% Private Equity
5% Fixed Income
5% International Equities
5% Private Mortgage
5% Private Debt
4% High-Yield Bonds
3% Canadian Equities
3% US Equities
1% Real Estate
1% Money Market


Features of this portfolio include:

  • Active management
  • Income
  • Private assets
  • Public assets
  • Diversification
  • Low volatility


  • Appropriate for clients with medium-term time horizons and conservative to moderately conservative risk profiles
  • Opportunity for earning income and growth
  • Exposure to active strategies and private assets
  • Reduced volatility compared to portfolios that only invest in public assets
  • Diversification with a mix of different types of investments


  • Capital risk
  • Financing risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Leverage risk

These are just some of the risks of investing. You can learn more about these risks, and other risks of investing, in our Help Centre here.


MER: 1.53%

MER stands for Management Expense Ratio. Like every other investment, you pay built-in MER fees to the company providing the investment, not to CI Direct Investing. You won’t see this money deducted from your account, but we thought you should know about it.

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