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As a non-resident, what do I need to open an account at CI Direct Investing?

Non-residents must be a Canadian citizen, have a minimum of $25,000 to invest and maintain a bank account in Canada. 

Availability varies by country. We do not open accounts for residents of jurisdictions:

  1. Located in the European Economic Area
  2. Listed on the Financial Action Task Force high risk jurisdictions subject to call for action
  3. Subject to sanctions imposed by the Government of Canada

As long as your country of residence is not in one of those three groups, we can work with you.

We will also verify your identity using an electronic verification process. 

If that electronic verification is unsuccessful, we will request an e-statement (not a scan of a paper statement, but rather a downloaded e-statement) of the following:

1. Your bank account statement

2. One other electronic document issued by:

Government body (i.e. CRA, Service Canada, etc.)
A utility or cell phone company
An investment company
An insurance company

You will need to provide your Canadian SIN number as well as any foreign tax ID numbers you may have during the application. 

Additional documentation may be requested to verify your identity.

CI Direct Investing is unable to service US residents with non-registered accounts. 

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